How I’m Staying Positive!

Things are hard for just about everyone right now. All of our routines have been messed up, we’re not getting to do all the stuff we like doing, and we miss those we’re close to. Knowing that we’re going through all of this because it’s the best things to do only helps a little bit, sometimes, so here are some other way that I’ve been staying positive!

Do what you can

I miss the gym, it was a big part of my morning routine, helped balance my moods a little and made me feel good. I’d way rather just be going to the gym, but while that’s not an option, I’m making the most of all the people on YouTube that have uploaded great work out videos. Whatever it is you miss, try to find a way to get it back in to your life. It won’t be perfect, but it’s the best we can do right now, and something is better than nothing.

Stay in touch

A video or phone call is never going to make up for a hug off my mum, or a night in with my best friend, but at least we live in the age of instant communication! Imagine dealing with everything we are, and having to wait for letters to arrive from loved ones! Keeping in touch with my friends and family is 100% helping keep me sane. Now’s a great time to chat to the people you’ve not spoken to for a while too. I’m not the most social of people, but human connection is important for mental health while we’re all so far apart physically.

Release your inhibitions!

We’re on lockdown, in isolation, now is frankly the time to stop giving a fuck. Wear what you want, dance how you want, so your make up how you want. Society is barely real at this point, now is the time to get that weird costume out of your wardrobe to dress up for lunch, or do that made make up look you always wanted to try out. It uses up some time, which we’re all trying to do I think, it’s fun, and it’s a way to ‘make the most of the situation’, so to speak.

Limit the negativity

I don’t really like to call the news ‘negative’, because I do think it’s vital to stay up to date and aware of what’s happening around the world. During a pandemic though, the news isn’t exactly positive. Rather than keeping up to date hour by hour, like I was just before lockdown, I’ve been waiting until the evening and just spending an hour or so getting all caught up. Doing this means I’m still aware of what’s happening, but my entire day isn’t clouded by it.

Do what you can

Helping other people always gives you a feel good moment, and right now is more important than ever to help those around us. I have a few people in my life who have chronic illnesses or are otherwise high risk, so I checked in with everyone to make sure they have what they need and will be okay. There’s a few older people I occasionally chat to on my street too, so I’ve checked in with them and picked them up a few bits they needed from the shop. Knowing people in your community are going to be okay takes a layer of fear off, and being able to do something small to help someone made me feel a little bit less helpless, despite everything that’s going on.

Do you have any other tips for staying positive? I’d love to hear them!



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