The Nerdsmith Pins!

My best friend is amazing for many, many reasons, and not least because every so often, she sends me the cutest little packages of the newest stuff she’s selling over in her Etsy shop, The Nerdsmith Pins. So although this post isn’t ‘sponsored’, I did obviously get this stuff for free. As much as I love my best friend, and free stuff, this is entirely unbiased still!

Okay, first off, I try to be a supportive friend and buy from my pals businesses, but I’ve been shamelessly begging for this hat for months. It’s one of my absolute favourite things in the Nerdsmith shop, it perfectly matches my humour and aesthetic, and I can firmly say I LOVE this hat. If I’d seen this hat in a shop, I’d have bought it immediately, the fact that it’s from my best friend only makes it even better, if that’s possible.

I’ve got a bunch of enamel pins from Nerdsmith, they’re gorgeous, and I adore them, but I’m not someone with an enamel pin budget, so I am absolutely buzzing for Nersmith’s new acrylic pins. They’re a bit cheaper, lighter in weight (so I feel less likely to lose it if I wear it), and for my personal taste/style I just think they’re cuter and more likely to be something I’d actually wear.

I won’t lie, I don’t know which pokemon this is (really hoping it is from pokemon and not an original now!), when I wear these pins it’s 100% for the cuteness and pride in telling anyone who will listen ‘my best friend makes these!’. You’ve gotta admit it’s cute as hell regardless.

I know the back doesn’t really matter, but it’s cute too! I love little added details, like the back and the stopper. I hear all sorts about the good and bad of making pins, but the main thing I hear about and see, is how much thought and care goes into every element of design and wearability. When you buy from Nerdsmith, you’re buying something that has been loved and cared about from the very start of the design process until it arrives to you, and you can very much tell.

I’m pretty sure these guys are pokemon too, I recognise Mew? ANYWAY, whatever they are, they are cute, and I’m so impressed by the quality of it. I’m trying to build up a lil sort of 90’s/nostalgic sticker collection on my VCR and this is a gorgeous addition. It’s a way thicker sticker than I expected, and it’s beautifully holographic. Like really, imagine the most perfect colour shift and level of shininess you can, and that’s this sticker. I love a good sticker, and this is a good sticker y’all.

So that’s my lil haul from The Nerdsmith Pins! As always, it arrived packaged well with super cute tissue paper and inside a lil bag, and because she’s amazing it also arrived super quickly! Remember to check out her shop, Instagram, Facebook, and brand new Twitter account!


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