What I’ve Been Listening To

We’re all looking for something to do during lockdown, to stave off the boredom, and for me I’ve been listening to a lot of music. I listen to a fair bit of music anyway, but right now especially I’ve been listening to so much great music, I just have to share some of it! Hopefully this post might help you find a new artist you love, or make you remember someone you used to enjoy!


I feel like everyone was onto Yunblud waaaay before me, but I’ve gotta throw him in anyway. It’s only the last few months I’ve been listening to him, but I feel like I’ll be listening to him for a while to come. I love that he’s sort of modern punk, with pop influences. He’s Northern, always a highlight for me, and he doesn’t stick with gender stereotypes. He’s super cool, entirely himself, and most importantly, he makes amazing music.

Girl in Red

Girl in Red is one of those ‘bedroom artists’ that, again, most people have been onto for a while but I’ve only just started listening to. A lot of her songs are sort of chill pop songs with high energy chorus or bridge sections, and the thing that really drew me in is that her romantic songs are about girls. I’ve written songs about girls before, and had the piss taken out of me for it, so I love that she’s out here doing that!

Foo Fighters

I know, we allllll know I like the Foo’s by now, but I HAD to include them. I go through phases with the Foo’s, I always adore them and they’re always my favourite band, but I don’t always listen to them all that much. I’ve been listening to them a lot lately though. Songs like Stranger Things Have Happened, Skin and Bones, and Walk really make me feel better and have been keeping me relaxed. One of my favourite things about them as a band is that they have a song for anything you feel, and I’m really finding comfort in that right now.

Tenacious D

I know they’re silly and dumb and everyone else got over them in about 2007, but I still find them so fucking funny, and we all need a little extra laughter right now. It’s good music, that also makes me laugh, and I love both Jack Black and Kyle Gas. A fully win situation.

David Bowie

I’ve loved Bowie for years, but I’ve really gotten back into him lately. There’s not too much I need to explain here, his songs are incredible, there’s so much story to get lost in, and he was possibly the coolest person in the world. One of my favourite things about Bowie is that there’s so much more to him than just the music. As if the characters he created and clothes he wore weren’t enough, we also have all the movies he was in! He’s a great person to fill some time with right now.


I’m not normally the biggest Nirvana person, they were kind of just the vessel for me to find out who Dave Grohl is and get into the Foo’s, but I’ve really slipped into them lately. Being inside all the time is weird and every now and again, I feel way better for being able to listen to Kurt just fucking scream and go mad. I don’t show my emotions outwardly like a lot of people do, so being able to have someone there to just scream and shout and throw themselves around for me is a major vibe right now.

So there’s what I’ve been listening to, mostly, over the last couple of weeks. Feel free to leave me any recommendations in the comments, I’m always looking for more music to listen to!



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