An Alanhiss Update!

It’s been a while since I last spoke about Alanhiss, my snake, on here, I thought it was time I gave an update! She’s still here with us, still a total babe, so let’s get into it!

First off, her shedding has slowed down to normal! When I first got her, she was shedding nearly every month. I don’t think her prior owner was feeding her the right size of mice, I’m not really sure, but she went through a huge growth spurt when we first got her. She sheds around every three months now, which is normal for corn snakes.

She’s gotten so much better at being handled too! I’ve struggled to find information about how often is best to handle her, some sources say everyday is fine, others say it shouldn’t be more than once a week. I’ve tried to just feel her out a bit, if she’s eaten recently but is still roaming around her tank, I’ll bring her out for a bit. If she’s hiding, I just leave her to it.

She bit me a while ago, entirely my own fault because I was using tweezers that were way too small (even though the pet shop recommended them to me), so I’ve gone to the whole other end of the spectrum and now feed her with massive BBQ tongs. Perhaps a bit dramatic, but feeding her is the only part of snake ownership that I’m not a fan of, so it works for us!

The really nice thing about having a snake right now is that she doesn’t care about this whole isolation/lockdown business at all. The cats have noticed we’re home all the time and Jodie isn’t a big fan of it, while Allie and Bobble have gotten a bit clingy and expect more attention. Alanhiss though, she doesn’t care! She doesn’t notice that we’re home more and demand attention, as long as she has her heating pad, hiding places, and essentials, she’s happy!

Snakes are a great pet, though I wouldn’t get anything other than a corn snake personally, and I feel like we really don’t talk about what great pets they can be! I love having Alanhiss around, and I hope you enjoy reading about her too!



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