Post Lockdown Things I’m Looking Forward To!

You could well and truly say I’m tired of lockdown now. I think we all are. I get why it’s vital, I’m happy to follow the rules and stay safe, but it sucks, and I’m bored, and I miss my friends and family. Rather than just moan and whinge, I thought I’d change my mindset a bit. It’s not that I miss everyone, it’s just that I’m looking forward to seeing them again! So, here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to once lockdown is over.

Seeing friends and family

Spending my birthday in lockdown really wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I am soooooo looking forward to being able to party with some pals, and of course see my family properly. I had been planning to go and see a friend at the end of March, that trip has obviously been postponed, but I’m still really looking forward to it! I’m definitely looking forward to being able to see, and hug, my mum, and nan, with no worries or fears.

Going out for dates

I’m really lucky to have Rich, he’s keeping me sane through all this. He’s been extra lovely and helpful, I’m so fortunate to have him in my life and I’m mostly really enjoying the extra time we’re spending together, but I can’t wait to be able to go out again. Meals, drinks, the theatre, anything! I just really miss going out and having a great time together, and it’ll no doubt feel all the better once all this is over.


I have an Alanis Morissette ticket for October and I’ve got everything crossed that it’s not going to get cancelled or postponed. If it does, I obviously understand why, but I’m so looking forward to get to go to any gig. I’ll even go and see the band I got kicked out of at this point, I just want to see some live music so bad.


I know this isn’t one for everyone, but I’m really looking forward to going back to work. Working at Videodyssey is a much bigger part of my routine and happiness than I thought. I love my job, I adore the people I work with, I’m going in on Saturdays at the minute, but it’s just to package tapes so there’s no one else about. I can’t wait to go in to find the little team we have doing their thing in the studio, I think that’ll be when I feel like all this is properly over, largely because there’s no way it’s going to be like that again until this is all fully over.

Stroking Dogs

I’ve been going out for walks every now and again, and usually while I’m out and about I’ll see plenty of locals that let me pet their dogs. With social distancing and everything else, that’d be a bit silly, so I’m really looking forward to petting strangers dogs again!

Browsing Shops

I never have an awful lot of money, but that doesn’t make browsing any less fun! Our Tesco still has all their aisles open, so I could browse, but now is absolutely not the time. I think it’ll probably be a while after all this is over that I go back to going out just for the sake of it, but it’s a big one that I’m looking forward to.

What are you looking forward to when lockdown ends?



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