Spring has Come

While we’ve been locked in our houses and staying away from our friends, Earth has continued to spin. While we pop our heads out of windows to talk to neighbours two meters away, stems and flowers and leaves have poked their heads above the soil to greet the sun.

As I took my allowed once a day walk, for the first time in a week, I smelt the sweetest smell of flowers blossoming on trees. The cooling April showers had hit the pavement warm from the days brief sun, leaving the smell of rain, soil and a trace of chemicals in the air.

I watched a blackbird, stamping at the ground in their search for dinner. When I get closer, they looked at me and I stopped, looking back to see what they would do. It took a few seconds, but they soon flew off into the darkening sky.

The spring showers caught me on my way back, dampening my cheeks and making my hair stick to my face. It was enjoyable, warm and fresh, and the first time I’ve felt the rain in weeks. The first time this year I’ve been in the rain without being cold or in a hurry.

With white petals stuck to my black boots, I returned home. Spring has come out, and it’s been no more sudden than usual, but this year none of us have watched it.



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