Bobble Had Kittens!

On Sunday the 19th, Bobble finally had her kittens! I mentioned on here, and social media, that Bobble got out for a night back in January…by mid March we were pretty certain she was pregnant. It soon became obvious that she was very pregnant, and I’ve been waiting for kittens ever since.

Altogether she had three kittens, but the first one sadly didn’t make it. I felt pretty terrible, and like I should have somehow saved it, but after looking into it and talking to a pal, it’s quite common for the first kitten of a cats first litter to not make it. I still feel sad, but I know it wasn’t my fault and unfortunately, sometimes it’s just what happens.

Bobble was fantastic through the birth, did everything she was supposed to, and then came out to scream at us until we came to see her babies. They’re so cute, like I know all kittens are cute but they’re SO cute! One has very similar markings to Bobble, with a little pink nose and pale fur around the eyes and mouth. The other is darker but just as cute, I think we’ll see more of a pattern on their fur once they get a bit older.

Bobble is being the perfect mum so far, she comes out for some food or to get some attention, then once she hears them waking up she hurries back to feed them. They snuggle together when Bobble isn’t with them, and it just absolutely melts my heart.

Rich has been very firm through Bobbles whole pregnancy that we will NOT be keeping a kitten. About two minutes after the first one came out, he changed his mind to MAYBE we can keep a kitten. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a full confirmation that we will be keeping one. I’m really not looking forward to having to decide, but it’s a while off yet. I’m hoping whichever one we don’t keep will be able to go to someone we know, so I can continue getting updates on them!

Being in isolation, this is basically the most exciting thing to happen to me in weeks, and I know it’s not for all you guys, but I hope you enjoyed these few pics of newborn kittens anyway!



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