My 5 Favourite Albums

Choosing favourite albums is hard for me, because I rarely sit and listen to an entire album. I have to be reeeeaaaaally into an artist to actually listen to and enjoy an entire album, so these are pretty much my top 5 artists too. Anyway, enough rambling!

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

This might be my absolute favourite album of all time. Though I don’t love White Limo personally, every other song on here is amongst my favourite Foo’s songs. Produced by Butch Vig, who I adore and admire anyway, every part of this album comes together to create an absolute masterpiece. The emotional ride this album takes you on is thanks to true mastery of song writing from Dave and the band, the backing vocals they used are so unique and perfectly fitting, I could go on but I think that’s probably enough. It’s a truly fantastic, brilliant album.

Garbage – Version 2.0

Garbage was one of those bands that just punched me in the face the first time I properly listened to them. I vaguely knew a few of their songs, though I don’t know where from, and that made them new and familiar at the same time. I listened to Version 2.0 all the way through in one sitting without listening to any of the songs individually, and I think this is the only album I’ve ever done that for. This album has everything I want, and more. Shirley’s vocals and lyrics are beautiful, relatable, and so unbelievably expressive. The mixing is always perfect, thanks again to Butch, making their industrial rock feel something entirely unique to them. This album has some of my favourite guitar riffs, one of my absolute all time favourite guitar solos, and you can really tell it’s been bought together by true musicians. Not a guitarist and a drummer and so on, but people who are absolute musicians that all come together to create a song that works and not just their part. Any Garbage album is brilliant, but this one especially has all the 90’s grit I adore.

The Beatles – Rubber Soul

I first became a big Beatles fan when I was around 13, and this has been firmly amongst my favourite albums ever since. I feel like it’s one of their more underrated albums, all their others seem to have a very firm fan base for the new things they tried out in that album, and Rubber Soul with absolute jams like Norwegian Wood, I’m Looking Through you, In My Life, and so many more just gets left behind. Not by me people, not by me.

Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill

Alanis is essential for any girl that loves the 90’s, and you can bet that’s me. Her honesty in songwriting and live performance is absolutely inspiring and she’s just an icon. Jagged Little Pill specifically just has a song for ever emotion, each one is so different and yet work perfectly together to create a cohesive album that’s perfect to sit down and consume in one listen. I’ve got a ticket to see her in October, if all goes to plan, and you can bet I’m gonna cry my damn eyes out because this album and her as a musician just mean so much to me.

L7 – Bricks Are Heavy

L7 are one of my favourite bands because they just don’t give a shit. They don’t give a shit that they’re girls, or if you like their music, or if you like them. They just care about their music, and it comes through by making their music fucking good. Every song on this album has a song that girls will relate to and boys will like the sound of. Again produced by Butch Vig, you can imagine my opinion of the production on this piece is perfect. I’ve listened to way too many female fronted rock bands where the producers drown out their voice with everything else until you can barely understand what she’s saying, and I love Butch never lets that happen.

Do you have any favourite albums in common with me? I’d love to hear about your favourite music in the comments!



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