How Lockdown Is Going

I decided to start self isolating on the 20th of March, so I was already well prepared for lockdown to start in the way of dried food and toilet paper, by which I mean I had enough, not a crazy stockpiled amount. Even being ‘ready’ though, lockdown is weird.

At first I was just trying to stay productive and focus on the positives, but I was still watching and reading as much news as possible. I was worried, but okay. I was exercising daily, eating pretty well, kept my sleep pattern, and I was still fairly productive on top.

Now though…ha! I do some squats occasionally, and I might go for a walk, but that’s about it. My sleeping pattern isn’t horrendous, but it’s not as routine as it was. I’m not eating terribly, but I’m definitely not eating as well as I usually do.

I am still being pretty productive, and it’s just as well because I feel like that’s the last thing I’ve got going for me. I’m in work two days a week again, getting to sort through tapes and chat to my boss makes me feel a lot better, and since most of my job is listing tapes to eBay, I have plenty to do at home too.

I am obviously still blogging, and getting articles up over on, though I’ll admit YouTube has fallen somewhat to the wayside. I’ve applied for an art grant/scheme/residency/thing too, which I put a lot of work into and am really hoping to get it. Even if I don’t though, I now have an ‘artist statement’ and some new knowledge that will hopefully help me to get something similar in future.

Outside of my own little bubble, my nan tested positive for covid-19, then negative again, then positive, and then got sent home from hospital. She’s currently okay, seemingly recovered from whatever it was she had, though I’ve obviously not seen her. It was a really stressful few days not know if she had it or not, and none of us being able to go see her, but she is thankfully okay now.

Being so upset and anxious though, when she was fine in the end, made me feel all that more terrible for everyone else who is being or has family being affected by all this. I’m trying to just ignore the news and not think about stuff like this, which I feel bad about because I’m never one to just bury my head in the sane because something makes me sad or uncomfortable, but I just don’t have the mental stability to deal with it all right now.

I guess this post is just saying I have a lot of feelings, a lot of things suck but could be way worse, and I hope all of you are doing okay!



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