Recent Netflix Watches!

Like most of us in lockdown, I’ve been watching quite a lot of Netflix. I find it kinda difficult to find stuff I like on Netflix, so I feel super lucky to have all my VHS tapes about, but I thought I’d share the bits I’ve enjoyed recently for anyone looking for what to watch!

Crimson Peak

This has to go first, because I’ve watched it about four times now and I thoroughly adore it. It’s a gothic romance, with some horror elements, and as much as I love it I will admit I find the plot quite weak.

What makes me really love it is the visual aesthetic, from the costume and set design, to the lighting and the ghosts, this movie is visually just stunning. There’s also huge amounts of foreshadowing and double meanings, so every time I watch it I catch something new. I especially love films that have value in rewatching them, so this is a perfect movie for me.


I think everyone else is already onto this by now, but me and Rich have just started watching it. I really like the humour in this, it’s not the type of comedy I usually enjoy, but we’re only a few episodes in and it’s made me laugh out loud multiple times. If you’re into the ‘unlikely family’ sort of Breakfast Club vibe, this is perfect for that!


I watched Scorpion a while ago, but rewatched it recently with how much free time I’ve had. It’s a hard one to recommend, because the vast majority of the show was brilliant and I really enjoyed it, but the final episode tried to take it in a different direction, which would have been super interesting had the show not been cancelled, leaving us with a really unsatisfying end to a fantastic ‘smart team solve mysteries’ show.

Being Human

Being Human is another show that I’ve watched before, but I always stopped watching at series 4. This time though I pushed through what I didn’t like about it, and found a different but equally great show on the other side. This is one of the shows that I truly love because of the characters, they’re so easy to become attached to, brilliantly written and played by some of my all time favourite actors (shout out for Russell Tovey!)

I could start talking about Tiger King, but i think we’ve all hear enough by now! So they’re the things I’ve mostly been watching on Netflix at the minute. Not a lot, but I’ve been mostly enjoying my tape collection at the minute!



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