Fry’s Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces Review

Okay, I would normally review an item like this on its own, but these are 100% my favourite vegan chicken pieces I’ve ever found. And I waited way too long to try them. I’ve seen these, and a lot of items from Fry’s, used by American vegans in recipes and the like online, so when I saw them in Tesco months ago, I immediately clocked what they were.

At £2.50, compared to Tesco’s own brand for £1.75, there was no competition for me. Enter the pandemic and suddenly all the cheap stuff I buy is no longer available thanks to panic buyers, so I picked up a box of Fry’s meat free chicken style pieces. A catchy title I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, how are they? So good. They have a much more together kind of texture than the Tesco pieces, likely because they’re thinner but still. The texture is much more realistic than Tesco’s, but not as realistic as the Iceland ones, which honestly creep me out a bit.

The flavour is a little onion-y, but not in a bad way. I let them get a little more brown than the packaging advices and I feel it gives it both a slightly chewier texture that I agree, and adds to the flavour. It’s not that they’re the best food ever, or really that much better than other brands, it’s just like they’ve taken all the parts I liked from other brands, and put it in one.

They’re delicious, quick to cook, have several ways to cook them, and they work perfectly in every meal I’ve had them with. I’m so impressed by these, thoroughly enjoy having them whenever I can, and the package is really full of chicken, so I get around 5-6 meals from one pack. I’m impressed, that’s for sure!



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