Political Lockdown Thoughts

I’ve shared a lot about what I’m up to during lockdown, how I’m getting through it, and how I feel in general, but now it’s time to share my opinion on how I think the UK Government is dealing with it. I want to make it clear that this is purely my opinion, and it’s likely not a perfect one. I’m not a politician, or all knowing, I didn’t even manage to get A-levels, but I still have an opinion, and I want to share it.

Being totally honest, I think the way our government has handled things is a total fucking travesty. From missed meetings that could have prepared us more for this, to being told by our PM that our loved ones may die, the implication being that he doesn’t care about that, I’ve felt consistently confused and let down my the government through out this time.

Watching the PM stumble and trip across his words, while supposedly trying to reassure the public while also instructing us all on how to handle this pandemic, is it any wonder people are still having parties and picnics in the park? Although I have personally stuck to lockdown and isolation, I fully understand why people may be confused as to what the parameters of lockdown are, because Boris hasn’t once put them across clearly.

And now it’s only getting worse, because people are hearing about ‘lockdown being lifted’ without actually hearing a word from the man ‘in charge of the country’. People are bored, lonely, tired, of course they’re flocking to parks and family members homes. The results of the last election show that, somehow, a majority of people in this country trust Boris Johnson to lead us, and yet this man bragged and joked about shaking hands with Covid-19 patients without any protection, literally weeks before becoming hospitalised himself. The best thing I can say about our PM is he’s a total fucking baboon, the worst would be that I hold him personally responsible for how high Covid deaths in the UK have been.

He and his party lead by example, and thus far that example has been not using anything like gloves or masks to protect yourselves, flouting and breaking lockdown rules for whatever party you want to attend or whichever married woman you want to come over for you to have sex with, barely practicing social distancing, and acting like coming together in some kind of war like effort is the thing that’s going to stop a virus spread by being around each other. Not to mention how many times they’ve incorrectly called it a disease, clapping in support of the NHS rather than in support of paying them a better wage, and spending more time promoting Boris having yet another child rather than keeping the public safe.

As lockdown restriction, barely being enforced or followed anyway, are lifted, more people are going to die. They’re not lifting restrictions because it’s safe for us to go out and be around each other again, they’re lifting restrictions because the economy is suffering and their posh toff mates want their businesses back open to continue hoarding wealth and fucking over their workers.

The Queen crawling from the diamond encrusted, port filled hole she usually hides in, to give false words of ‘togetherness’, community, and yet more of this wartime mentality that we need to just keep calm and carry on pisses me off too. Our monarchy is pathetic, they do little to receive everything, and the wealth they possess should be redistributed to the people. We don’t need the queen, or anyone who will follow after her, in this day and age.

Not to mention, a pandemic is not a fucking war. There isn’t some evil entity doing terrible things that we need to heroically swoop in and stop, it’s a virus. Bringing out a fun little slogan doesn’t help the public either, as much as slogans on busses can sway people’s voting choices. This isn’t like the Tory anti terrorism campaigns that let us know seeing a brown guy with a beard on public transport means we need to call a special number, if you ‘stay alert’, that doesn’t mean you won’t contract the virus, nor will you be able to ‘control the virus’.

Perhaps most controversially of all, I hate all this clapping for the NHS. I understand the compassion and thought behind it, I’m in no way hating on anyone that has participated, but god do I struggle to find the point of it. You could have, I don’t know, cored for a party that would fund the NHS??? How many videos and articles got shared of NHS staff begging people not to vote in the tories? Sure, we didn’t expect them to end up dying in a pandemic, but everyone who voted Conservative knew there wouldn’t be a positive impact on the NHS.

All in all, I think our government has handled this entire pandemic situation terribly. Some deaths were inevitable, but not this many, and the death toll certainly shouldn’t be including NHS staff and other key workers. I’m not saying I could have done any better, but I also didn’t have my rich parents pay for me to go to fancy school so I could worm my way into being on of the most important people in the country without a clue what I’m doing.

I know this is a bit of a controversial post, but I think the working class and young people are too often excluded from political discussion due to not having the education to understand, and use all the fancy big words, and since I fall into both of those groups, I want to put my opinion out there, even if no one reads it, even if it’s only on my little blog. There’s more to it than that, but I think I’ve said plenty for now.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, and whichever party you vote for or believe in, I really hope you’re in good health, and you do what you need to do to stay that way.



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