Personalised Socks Review!

Back in April, asked if I wanted to receive a pair of their personalised socks to review, and as a big fan of both personalised items, and socks, I of course jumped at the chance! Although I did receive these socks for free, everything in this review is 100% my honest opinion, and now the disclaimer is out the way we can get to the socks!

Pulling them out of the packaging I was very impressed. Although the print isn’t as vibrant as I expected from the website pictures, it looked good and the fabric is very soft for something that’s been printed onto. With them being personalised I had to send them a picture in, and they have someone who sorts out putting the face from the picture onto the socks, and that’s very well done. Since Tiger King memes were still huge when I ordered these, I of course got Joe Exotic ‘cat dad’ socks, and they did a great job of getting Joe’s face cut around just right.

I’m quite disappointed with how the print on the top bit of the socks is though. The foot part of the socks is amazing. The print isn’t stretched there at all, so it’s much more clear and vibrant, and the foot part of the sock is lined with a fleece fabric that’s super cosy, and soft against your skin. The top of the sock stretches badly though, and because the base sock under the print is black, you end up with black lines becoming obvious, even just when stretching it over your foot.

They took a month and a day to get to me, which is a fair while, but they are shipped from the USA, and they did send them to me during a pandemic, so I think it’s actually pretty good speed really.

If you put a bit of time into folding and positioning the socks, the print does look a lot better, and you can kind of play about with the fabric to help it look better over all. It’s a shame the print isn’t better, because these are incredibly comfy socks. The fabric is good quality, they’re warm but quite breathable, and though it may not be the same for everyone, they don’t feel like they’re stretched too tight anywhere. I have had them on a few hours now, and in all fairness they seem to have stretched to my legs a bit, and the print looks a little better.

All in all, they’re high quality, comfortable socks, with a lower quality print. At £17 they’re a little pricey for me to honestly say I’d buy them personally, but luckily, I have a code for you! If you enter carryonbeautiful20 at checkout, you’ll get 20% off across the store! Something like this would be a great gift for friends and family that you can’t currently see, or even a funny gift to yourself like mine were!



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