Herts Hemp CBD & CBG Oil Review!

I’ve tried CBD oil before, and really enjoyed reviewing it, so when Herts Hemp asked if I wanted to try out their products, I jumped at the chance! As always, although I did receive this product for free, this review is entirely my own thoughts and opinions! With that out the way, let’s get to the good stuff!

Herts Hemp were nice enough to send me both their CBD oil and CBG oil. Having tried CBD oil a few times, I was most excited to try out the CBG oil, but I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the CBD. It has a much less noticeable, less bitter taste than other brands I’ve tried, it barely has a taste at all. Both oils have a slight sort of weed taste, but no where near as strongly as the other oils I’ve tried. This makes it so much easier to keep it under your tongue for a while.

This also has a much more noticeable affect than other oils I’ve tried. Within half an hour of having it I can feel myself relax, and my anxiety lessen considerably. It really lasts too, other oils I’ve tried have been good, and lasted several hours, but this stuff is amazing, and so far I’ve just been having 6-7 drops in the morning and being good for the day. To say I’m impressed is an understatement.

CBG oil is a little different from CBD, though I’ll admit I haven’t done huge amounts of research yet! It’s produced at the earliest stages of the plants growth, making it difficult to extract, and I believe Herts Hemp may be amongst the first to be marketing large amounts of this. Don’t fact check me on that though, I could well be wrong. That little fact aside though, science has shown that CBG oil can have a great influence on the brain and body, as well as assisting some people’s mental health in a similar way to CBD oil.

All in all, these are by far my favourite cannabis oils I’ve tried to date. They’re the most pleasant to consume, they have the fastest and most noticeable effects, and less important but still nice, they came really nicely packaged. Even better, Herts Hemp have been lovely enough to give me a 15% off code for my readers to use! So if you fancy trying any of this yourself, just visit Herts Hemp and use my code DA15!



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