FandomOverEar Etsy Earrings Review!

I’ve had a fair few posts lately that I’ve been sent items to review, because frankly I love free stuff, who doesn’t? This time however, I found and paid for this myself, and just want to review because it’s exactly what I was looking for, it’s always good to support Etsy sellers, and I think a lot of your guys that read my blog will be able to find something you like from FandomOverEar!

I recently watched Community on Netflix, and it’s essentially my new favourite thing, so I immediately went looking for merch of it. I was…disappointed to say the least. There’s not much merch out there, and what is there has huge postage costs from the US. So I was beyond happy finding Troy and Abed on your earrrrrings!

I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting much from these earrings, after all they were £3.95 with £1 shipping. I assumed it’d a mediocre quality image with glass or resin glued over it, and I’m no expert so maybe that is how they’re made, but they’re really great quality. The image quality is really high, not pixelated or really blurry at all, there’s no discolouration on it from glue or anything either.

I think it’s a plastic covering, but it’s beautifully shiny, and I’ve already worn them a couple of times without any scratches or anything. They’re also really comfortable to wear, I have a lot of issues with my ears from stretching them badly, so finding earrings that are comfortable is huge for me. They come with the little bullet shaped backs, which are my favourites, and I’m not sure what metal they’re made from, but I’ve not had any issues.

Best off all, they have pretty much every fandom ever. I can assure you I’ll be buying more from this shop, because they also have X-Files, Foo Fighters, and Doctor Who earrings, and that’s not even the half of it.

Finally, the service from this shop is absolutely 10/10! They dispatched my earrings the same day I got them, and they arrived two days later, a full three days before normally estimated shipping, not to mention in the middle of pandemic. I’m so impressed, and if you’re into any fandom, definitely have a look in their shop to get yourself a geeky treat!



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