A Few Recent Favourites!

With not going out for anything but work, or a good shop, I haven’t really been buying much. Obviously, that means most of these favourites are things I’ve mentioned at some point before, but since they’re not in a single place, and they’re all things that have bought me some happiness during lockdown, and all the crap that has come with it. Let’s stop with the rambling and just get onto my favourites!

This cannabis sativa cleanser has to be top of the list. It’s absolutely saved my skin during lockdown, and it’s a really luxurious feeling product time use, with a budget price tag. It goes on as an oil that feels super moisturising, and once you add warm water to wash it off it turns into a ‘milk’ that leaves my skin feeling clean and balanced. Plus it’s vegan and cruelty free! This is a massive favourite currently, and I think it will be for a while!

I was sent this lovely bag from eartton.com/ and it’s become an instant favourite! It’s eco friendly and 100% cotton, hand painted and printed, and it’s personalised! As someone who could never find my name on things in gift shops, I really love having my name on stuff now, and better yet, it’s a really good quality bag. It’s larger than this style of tote usually is, which is great since I use it for my giant essentials shop, and it’s really strong, I don’t have any fears of it snapping or breaking, even while filled with soy milk and pasta. You can find them on Instagram too!

I recently got another little package from The Nerdsmith Pins, who we all know I adore because it’s run by my best friend and I’m so proud of her and so on and so forth. Outside of that though, they really are such cute and well made pins, and they’re packaged so nicely too. It’s like getting a hug in the post, and I love being able to show off a friends hard work on my outfits!

Finally, I got my self a little treat from Fandom Over Ear on Etsy. They have just about any fandom you can imagine represented on earrings, and having recently fallen in love with Community, obviously I had to get Troy and Abed on my earrrrrings! They’re just really funny to me, and wearing them really picks up my mood, which is desperately needed right now!

Not many bits I know, but I don’t particularly like online shopping, and since I’m not going anywhere that isn’t Tesco or the video shop I work in, I’m not really buying anything! Have you got any favourites that have lifted your mood lately?



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