Things I’m Grateful For!

I’ve started really looking forward to writing these posts at the end of each month, so it looks like they’re definitely going to have a regular spot! Writing it really gets my mood up, and sticks with me for a few days, and it’s always just a good thing to appreciate the best parts of your life, in my opinion!

First up, I’m really grateful for my job. I’ve been working at VideOdyssey for about a year and a half now, which has really proven to myself that I actually can stick with something, and it’s really helped pull my mental health out of the gutter during that time. Most of all lately though, I’m really grateful to have a job that I can continue doing, that gets me out of the house during this lockdown, and it’s safe. It’s just me and my boss, who I know is being super careful, and it’s such a relief to get a change of view, get to do the job I enjoy, and not be essentially in danger while at work, like so many people are.

Next up, as per usual, I’m really grateful to have Rich. Doing lockdown alone would have been terrible, and I’ve seen so many other couples having huge arguments or breaking up during lockdown, I’m so grateful that we’ve been okay through this. We have arguments and can get a bit passive aggressive like any couple, but overall he’s made this whole situation so much easier. Spending time with him brings me so much joy, no one can make me laugh like he can, and no one puts up with my TV and movie obsessions quite like he does. Really, the man has watched the entirety of Glow over the last four days and barely even complained.

Which brings us onto the next point, which is that I’m really grateful to have Netflix. I love VHS tapes, a LOT, but sometimes I want something with a specific actor in, or just something random that takes minimal effort to watch, and Netflix is there waiting for me. I think we’ve all gotten very used to streaming, but sometimes I’m just so amazed and thrilled that I live in a time where I have hundreds of movies and TV shows I can watch at just the touch of a button. I know, I sound like I’m about ninety years old, but I’m amazed by it okay!

If you read my update on the kittens, you’ll already know we had a point where Otis was so unwell, the vet wasn’t sure he’d make it through the night. I’m so grateful, to the vet and in general, to now have two completely healthy, happy kittens, who are now trying to explore and get into everything, in a way that would be beyond annoying if they weren’t so bloody cute. We had such a tense time with the little guy, I’m just so glad him, and his sister, are both all good now.

Finally, I know this is a big one, and not the type that I usually include, but I’m so unimaginably grateful to have my family all keeping safe and well. My nan did receive a positive test for Covid, but she experienced very few symptoms and is now back to her usual self. With my mum, aunt, uncle and nan all being high risk, it’s still a constant worry, but if I only worried and didn’t sometimes let myself feel glad that they’re okay, I’d probably stop getting out of bed.

I’d love to hear about what you’re grateful for in the comments!



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