Brown’s CBD Oil Review!

I was lucky enough to be sent some 10% CBD Oil, from Browns CBD, so although I did receive this item for free to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. I’ve found CBD oil really useful in managing my anxiety, and now that I’ve gotten to review oils from a few different brands, I feel like I have a much more formed opinion on what makes an oil good, making my reviews that much better.

I feel like one of the main things that can put people off using CBD oil regularly, is the taste. There’s not really a way to get around a plant oil having a plant like taste, without adding a load of whatever to it, but Browns CBD by far has the least noticeable taste of any I’ve tried. None of them have been bad, but this one is rather sweet compared to most, and also has much less of a scent than most.

I’m really impressed by the dropper on this one, the rubber bit that you squeeze to draw the oil in is quite firm, making it really easy to squeeze out individual drops, and also means you don’t end up with waaaay to much oil, in the tube or in your mouth. With approximately 200 drops in the bottle, and the instructions saying to have 1-5 drops 2-3 times a day, even if you have the maximum recommended amount everyday, this bottle will last a fair while.

Overall, Browns CBD Oil is a really high quality product. I’ve been really enjoying using this through the day, I vary between brands of oil every so often, and this works just as well as every other oil I’ve used. At £39.99, it’s also quite a low price for this type of product. You should always do your research before trying new things like this, maybe even discuss it with your doctor, but I would absolutely recommend using this product for a multitude of things, once you’ve ensured you can use it safely!



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