Black Lives Matter

I’ve debated back and forth on writing this post, because I don’t want to be another white person adding a voice to an issue that isn’t for me to talk about. Alternatively though, having the small amount of followers that I do have means I have a ‘platform’, albeit a tiny one, and I think it’s better to use that to use it in support, than to just stay quiet while terrible things are happening.

If you’re not aware of the situation, I’m not here to educate you, because I still have a lot of self educating to do. I’m just here to say that black lives matter, that no one should be treated badly based on the colour of their skin, and I’ll do whatever I can to support the movement, without butting in.

I’m using this ‘platform’ of mine, to ask you to also support this, however you can. If there are protests happening near you, attend them if you’re able. If you’re white and going to protests, you should only be there to interfere with the police, do not be looting or damaging things. If you’re more in my position, and everything is happening far away, it’s time to start with online activism. If you click on any word in this sentence, it’ll take you somewhere to sign a petition, or make a donation.

Being silent is being on the side of the oppressor. A single tweet, or blog post, isn’t going to do an awful lot to help unless you’ve got a lot of followers, but it’s better than doing nothing. Do what you can, and don’t be a dick.



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