Make Getting Dressed Easy!

Things are starting to gear back up again here in the UK, and regardless of my opinion on that, it means people will soon be going for meals, drinks, and shopping again. We all like to look nice, especially when we haven’t seen other people for months, but if you’re anything like I used to be, getting dressed is a total nightmare. It ends with half your wardrobe on the bed, you’re a bit sweaty from trying so much on, and you’ve hated everything you’ve attempted. I thought I’d take today to give a few of my tips for finding ways to make it that bit easier.

Get rid of what you don’t wear

The things that don’t fit, the things you don’t like, the things you’re totally going to wear and have been for the last three years, just let it all go. Now is the perfect time for a full clear out, and having your wardrobe full of things you like in every way makes getting dressed so much easier. Plus, it gives you an excuse to buy new items. I got the shirt I’m wearing above on Depop for less than a tenner, and it’s now one of my favourite things to wear.

Consider the weather!

I know it sounds silly, but we’ve all been there. Whether you end up too hot or too cold, it sucks. Taking the weather into consideration while getting dressed helps speed things up, by limiting your options. No need to try on that sweater dress if it’s a lovely spring day, and no need to try on shorts in the middle of December, even if they really do go perfectly with that top.

Work on your confidence!!!

I can’t even begin to explain how many times I’ve put on a great outfit, carried on getting ready, and then had the last minute crumble where I have to tornado through my room to find a different, less revealing/colourful/crazy outfit. It sucks!!! Working on my self confidence, and body confidence, has made getting dressed both much more fun, and waaaay easier. It’s easier said than done, but being more confident in yourself really does help with so many aspects of everyday life.

Sort your style

If you look at my outfits, you’ll often notice similarities. I do mix it up and go for different things, but for the most part, it’s men’s pants that are too big for me, cuffed and belted, with a vintage shirt or t-shirt. It’s almost like having a uniform, I pretty much wear the same thing everyday, just in different fabrics, colours, and patterns. I’m not saying you have to go as far as I have, but figuring out what items you like, are comfortable, and make you feel good can go a very long way!

There you have it, that’s how I’ve made getting dressed that bit easier, and a lot faster! I’d love to hear in the comments, any adjustments you’ve made to your life for a similar reason!



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