Anxiety Coping Mechanisms!

We’re in a very tense time, there’s a lot going on that’s worrying, and scary, and generally not good. For me, that’s meant my anxiety has sky rocketed. Between normal life stuff, and keeping up with the news, my anxiety has been way higher than usual. That means I’ve had to pull out some extra ways to keep myself functional and okay, and I thought I’d share them today for anyone else who has been struggling a bit.

Take Time Out

It’s definitely important to keep up to date with friends, the news, all that stuff, but no one can be on it 24/7. I’ve learnt in the last few weeks that it’s absolutely vital to my mental health that I take time out from it. Find a hobby or activity you can do that doesn’t involve your phone at all, for me that’s reading or drawing. Let yourself just totally zone out of the rest of the world for a bit, focus on something for you, and you’ll be able to come back to everything that bit calmer and able to think straight.

Don’t be afraid to ‘medicate’

I’ve said ‘medicate’, because for me I use CBD oil, but it’s definitely not the only option. If you’re feeling a level of anxiety that’s difficult to deal with, I’d totally recommend speaking to your GP about what you feel may help. Whether that means you go onto a waiting list for some kind of therapy, means you start taking medication to help, or whatever else, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and to take the time to find what really works for you. Try meditating, or yoga maybe, if you don’t feel you need to speak to a doctor, but if you don’t feel you can cope alone, please do reach out.

Get it out

For me, I have a couple of friends who have also dealt with anxiety, and are very understanding, so I most often speak to them. I don’t always want to pile my problems on them though, so sometimes I journal, or write a blog post. It can be such a relief to just have your thoughts in a place that isn’t your head, even if you’re just writing it down somewhere to throw away later. If you feel like you want to speak to someone, as a friend, about your anxiety, but don’t feel you have anyone, you’re totally welcome to message me on any of my social media.

Focus on the little things

Whatever is happening in the world, or in work, or to my friends, it’s the little things that matter most. Half an hour of playing the cats, or having a cuppa while I chat to my mum about random crap on the phone, taking time to focus on those small moments of joy or contentment help me to keep my mood up, even while those aren’t happening. The little things are different for everyone, but I think they’re all important, and most of us don’t appreciate them enough.

There you have some of the ways i keep my anxiety manageable! It’s not always, or usually, easy, but putting the effort into these things means I don’t have to put as much effort into things like leaving my house, or speaking to the cashier in the shop, and I how they can help you too!



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