Midnight’s Twins by Holly Race Book Review!

I’ve been super lucky to have several books sent to me lately, as a bookworm I just can’t say no to books! Despite this book having been sent to me for free, as always my content here, and opinion on the book, is entirely my own! With that out the way, let’s get into it.

Midnight’s Twins has the kind of plot that sounds absolutely convoluted and insane when you try to describe it to someone, but flows beautifully and is easily understood while actually reading the book. We follow Fern King, a Londoner who finds the dream mirror world of Annwn. This world is built by generations of dreamers, with dolphins in the Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral being the hiding spot for a castle.

It turns out Ferns mother was a knight in this world, part of an ancient order protecting sleepers from their nightmares. Ferns brother, Ollie, is popular, attractive, and people seem to automatically like him, but he and Fern have a poor, strained relationship. He hangs out with the people that bully Fern, and when he is chosen to join the ranks, like their mother, Fern has to do everything she can to prove she is worthy too.

It’s a beautiful, rich, and well built world to be immersed in, with a plot filled with twists, turns, and incredibly well written, exciting action scenes. The characters we get to know develop throughout the book, gaining new insight, and seeming to learn from the things they’ve been through in a way that is rare, but satisfying, to read.

There were also parts of the story that got a little deep, in a way that surprised me by seeming very current. There’s exploration of the way people are treated as outsiders, how trust can be difficult to gain if you look different from the people you’re trying to obtain it from, and how normal people can become violent, due to politicians who know how to manipulate and charm them.

Midnight’s Twins is an engaging read that pulled me in from the very first page. The writing style is lyrical and magical, without being confusing or over descriptive, and fits perfectly with the story being told. Fantasy novels are very much my kind of thing, but I can imagine this being a genuinely enjoyable read for people that usually only enjoy YA or action novels too. As the first part of a trilogy, it introduces the world, characters, and themes perfectly, setting any reader up to want to read the next part as soon as possible.

I would heavily recommend this book, it’s an absolute five star work of fiction, and I will certainly be reading the following instalments!



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