Reasons To NOT Have Brightly Coloured Hair

I’ve been dying my hair fun colours for about five years now, on and off, with varying levels of success. Although I love having coloured hair, and will likely have it for a fair while to come, it’s definitely not for everyone. Since more and more people seem to be choosing to colour their hair, I thought I’d share some of the reasons you shouldn’t do it.

It WILL damage your hair

Unless you’re starting with naturally white, or very pale blonde hair, you’re going to need to bleach it. You can do it in the healthiest way possible, but there will be damage. You’ll likely end up with less damage by going to a hair dresser than using a box dye, but there’s also a huge difference in the price tag. If you really don’t want your hair to be damaged at all, dying it isn’t for you.

The stains

The back of any t-shirt that isn’t black, the bath, pillowcases, any part of your body, your hair will almost definitely stain something at some point, and it sucks. I use semi permanent dye, which makes it easier to stain but also, usually, easier to wash out too. All the same, I have towels with a strange blue hue from the ‘wash out’ dye, along with my pillowcases, and I’ve not come across someone with brightly coloured hair yet, that doesn’t complain about the staining.

Constant upkeep

If your roots aren’t coming through, it’s fading in weird patches, or turning a totally different colour. Even putting some dye in with your conditioner won’t save it for ever, and then comes the time to bleach and dye again. It’s constant, it’s expensive, and only you can decide if it’s worth it.

It’s an invitation

I don’t know why, but people see it as an invitation to approach you. I’ve had men scream ‘blue hair’ at me in the street, I’ve had women start randomly stroking my hair while I’m queueing in Tesco, and I can’t count how many people have stopped me to ask for a full rundown on the bleaching, dying, and upkeep involved. It can lead to positive conversations and interactions too, but as an autistic person with anxiety, this is the biggest downside for me.

There’s a multitude of reasons I love having my hair like this, but for those of you who may be considering it, it may help to know these downsides!



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