It’s Pride Month!

Although I’m very open and comfortable with my sexuality, I’m also very aware that if you’re not straight, life is almost just constantly coming out. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but every time I’m around new people, there will come a moment where I mention how much I want to marry Gillian Anderson, or how incredibly hot Alison Brie is, and they’re suddenly like ‘hey wait, you have a boyfriend?’, because bisexuality obviously doesn’t exist once you’re in a stable relationship.

It struck me this morning that it’s been years since I spoke about my sexuality on here, and lots of my more recent followers probably don’t know I’m bi. Lots of people probably don’t think it’s important either, because I’m in a happy and on going relationship with a man, but my sexuality is still a part of who I am, regardless of the gender of the person I’m with.

I experienced huge amounts of homophobia in school, when I was outed to my classmates while still trying to figure out my sexuality and who I was, and that’s the kind of thing that really sticks with you. Having girls constantly scream I was looking at them while changing for PE, even though I couldn’t have been trying any harder to not look at them. Having close friendships with girls, which then ended when they decided I must fancy them, despite only having platonic feelings toward them. Boys trying to talk to me about who I fancied, only to then laugh at me and call me a ‘dyke’ or ‘lesbo’ when they eventually convinced me to trust them enough to tell them.

All of this, combined with my eldest brother being gay, and having seen first hand just some of the homophobia he experienced while we were younger, means that I’m hugely passionate about talking about, and simply normalising, being something other than straight. I’m also massively relieved, to now be able to talk about my sexuality without fear of humiliation, ridicule, or violence.

So if you’re one of my readers who didn’t already know, I’m bi! Whether you already knew or not, please take this month to educate yourself on LGBT+ matters, learn how to be a better ally. I’ll be doing the same, there’s always more to know and understand. Please don’t allow ignorance to lead to homophobia or transphobia. Accept people, love people, and let people love each other without fear of repercussions.



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