What I’ve Been Listening To!

It’s been a long while since I last shared the music I’ve been enjoying on here, and since I try to keep listening to new (to me) stuff, I’m sure it’s changed a fair bit! These are definitely all recommendations mixed with recent favourites, so let’s get into it!

Childish Gambino

With my recent discovery of Community, it was only so long before I’d start looking into what the actors have done outside of the show, and Donald Glover did not disappoint. I’m yet to find a Childish Gambino song I dont like. You can really tell that he pulls inspiration from so many different people and places, yet manages to meld them perfectly into his unique style, and I’ve been loving delving into his discography. I’d recommend starting out by listening to Boogieman, Stand Tall, and 3005.

Lost Like Lions

These are a great band from New York that I recently found through reviewing them for purplerevolver.com, and I loved them instantly. You can find them on Spotify, and their album that came out on the 12th is absolutely brilliant! I got to listen to it prior to release to review it, and that was exciting as heck because it’s just so bloody good!! Definitely check them out, and you can check out my review of them here!


I’ve been onto Korn for ageeees, I even saw them live all the way back in 2015, but it’s only recently that I’ve gotten really into them. I love the heaviness, combined with really pretty vocal melodies, and I’ve definitely been needing something a bit angry and aggressive lately! My personal favourites are Coming Undone, Got the life, and Falling Away From Me.

Lily Allen

I know this doesn’t really go with my usual music taste, and if I believed in being ashamed of things I enjoy I’d definitely call it a guilty pleasure, but Lily Allen has some real bops y’all. She’s one of the few pop stars that actually really writes their own music, and her lyrics especially are ones I really love. She has some great feminist and self love messages going on, you can listen to her journey of getting there by listening to her albums in order, she has some super empowering songs, and she just seems really cool okay?! Haha, seriously though, give her a chance and listen to Hard Out Here, 22, or Fuck You.

Lexxi Raine

Lexxi is another musician who I found thanks to reviewing albums at Purple Revolver. I reviewed her last EP, Fun While It Lasted, quite a while ago, and her most recent release, Guilty, is coming out on June 20th. I’ve already reviewed Guilty here, so let me tell you, you’ve really got something to look forward to. She’s a brilliant musician, fantastic song writer, and she’s a super lovely person on top of all that. Dear Kellie is my favourite song from her last release, and her new EP is entirely fantastic, it’s another time that I feel incredibly lucky to get to listen to it before release!

So there you have some musicians I’ve been listening to lately. Of course I still have some Foo’s, Bowie, and The Ramones thrown in there, but no one wants to read about them every time! What have you been listening to lately?



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