What to do When You’re Alone!

I love having alone time. Of course I love spending time with Rich, or my family, but alone time is something that I really need, to not feel burnt out or overwhelmed. A lot of people I speak to have said they really need some alone time, especially now so many of us are stuck in the house with family members or partners, but once they have it, they’re bored. So, here’s a post with some ideas of what to do when you’re alone!

Reading is on of my favourite alone time activities. It’s hard to properly get into a book, and be able to stay into it without being distracted, when there are other people around. I’m sure that’s why so many people read while they’re on the toilet, but now that we have phones for that activity, reading is a perfect alone time activity!

Not one for everyone, but I also mostly paint and draw while I’m alone. When there are people about, there’s a pressure to do something good, but when you’re alone it can be crappy, or weird, or a disaster, and as long as you enjoyed making it, that’s absolutely fine!

This one is for everyone though; put some loud music on and just dance. It’s a scientific fact that exercise makes you feel good, and dancing definitely counts! Use earphones or headphones if you can’t get too loud, close the curtains if you have to, and just go mad. It’s fun, you feel better afterwards, it’s silly and fun and freeing, and depending on what you go for it can be empowering and sexy too! Just do you, there’s no one about, so why not literally dance like no ones watching?!

Finally, if you’re anything like me, I use my alone time to catch up on the TV shows and movies I love, that Rich hates. Living with a partner, like I do, or with family members, all too often means making compromises on what we watch. When you’re alone, you can watch anything you want to, so take advantage of that! Personally, I’ve been watching Community for a second time when Rich isn’t about, because apparently he doesn’t feel a need to watch it a second time, directly after having watched it the first.

I’d love to hear about what you do with your alone time, in the comments!



2 thoughts on “What to do When You’re Alone!

  1. I’m the same, after a week of being in the same small house as someone I need space and alone time! Luckily me and my boyfriend and my Dad kind of navigate around each other so we can all have space (me at home alone, or with my Dad watching antiques and travel TV, or me at my blokes.) Anyway…Yup, Reading, watching my programmes/Youtube, dancing to the music channels on TV, and blogging or reading blogs. Not artistic anymore though. I like your painting, it’s slightly surreal and cool!


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