The Kittens Ten Week Update!

It’s absolutely crazy to me how fast everything happens with kittens, one minute they’re little balls of fluff that just need their mum, and the next you’re spend £20 on kitten food. They’re adorable, chaotic, naughty, and brilliant, so here’s a little update on them, along with loads of cute kitten pictures!

You can probably already tell the biggest thing, which is that they’re eating now! I’m not sure if Bobble is still feeding them occasionally, but I haven’t seen her do it for a bit, and the kittens are definitely eating their food. They caught onto the sound their wet food packets makes almost immediately, and proceed to scream upon hearing it. They took a bit longer to recognise their dry food, but now they scream for food every time they hear any packet, even if they still have a full bowl.

Obviously with eating, comes growing. Otis is still quite small, probably because of how unwell he was. He definitely has some catching up to do with Lucille, who as you can see from the picture above, is the King Kong of kittens. She’s huge, she’s not that far off being as big as her mum, and she’s definitely not done growing. I don’t know what kind of cat Bobble found to be the father, but it must be a chungus.

As you can imagine, along with the growing comes all the extra energy. When they play, they play hard. They spend hours chasing each other, running and jumping about, playing with their toys, attacking Bobbles tail, and they’re big fans of attacking our hands and feet.

Once they’re done with playing though, they’re dead to the world. When these kittens are asleep, absolutely nothing will wake them up. They sleep through music, being stroked, the hoover, literally nothing bothers them, or wakes them up.

Most exciting though, Lucille now purrs sometimes when we stroke her! Otis purred very early on, when we’d first gotten him his medicine and he must have started to feel better, but it’s very rare still. Around once a day Lucille starts purring while we stroke her and it’s just so cute. It’s such a relief to know she likes it too, because I wasn’t too sure she didn’t hate me touching her!

Perhaps the biggest relief though, is that they are fully litter trained. They’ve been amazing with it, and it was so much easier than I expected. We put them in a tiny tray filled with litter while we looked for a real litter tray for them, and they got the message with in a day! We have a big little box for them now, and as soon as we put it in and removed the make shift one, they knew exactly what it was and what they were supposed to do.

They still haven’t learnt how to not kick litter everywhere, to not dig their claws into our flesh, or that they can’t eat the hair currently attached to my head, but they’re definitely learning the important things, and they’re so heart meltingly cute while doing it. They’re not an addition to the family we expected, but we couldn’t be happier to have them here, and though I love this time of having them as kittens, I can’t wait to see the cats they grow into!



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