I’m Not Grateful.

You may have noticed I didn’t post a ‘things I’m grateful for’ post last month, like I have been doing regularly, and I wanted to address why i haven’t done that. There’s a few different reasons, and I think it’s important to talk about!

The first, and I think most important thing, is that I’m not feeling grateful right now. Of course I’m always grateful to have a home, family, Richard etc., but there’s only so many times I can list them. Sometimes, the bad bits, the bits of life we all wish didn’t exist, just significantly outweigh the things to be grateful for, and it’s okay to recognise that.

The next reason ties into the first, and that’s that it would have felt like a performance. I take great pride, and consider it incredibly important, that I’m genuine on my blog. Doing a ‘things I’m grateful for’ post at this time, wouldn’t have felt genuine, it would have felt like lying.

By ‘at this time’, I mean many things. Some people I’m close to are going through very difficult things right now, I’m going through some life stuff I don’t want to discuss, mostly because it’s boring, but also sucks, and then there’s the world at large.

It just feels wrong to do a blog post talking about all the ways in which I’m lucky and privileged, when so many people are fighting for basic human rights, amongst all the other things such as you know, not being murdered. It just really doesn’t sit right with me.

That’s not to say I have an issue with anyone doing similar posts, it’s great to appreciate the things you have, and remind people to do the same, but for me right now, that feels like something to do in private, to keep myself positive when I can.

They’ll likely make a come back, when it feels like the time is right, but for now at least, I’ll be taking a break from doing those posts.



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