What I’ve Been Watching!

Being such a big fan of movies and shows, I love doing these posts where I just talk about what I’ve been watching. Everything I watch is on All 4, Netflix, Disney+, or VHS, so they hopefully shouldn’t be too hard to find if you want to give them a watch yourself!

Duck Tales

I never watched this as a kid, but I’ve been watching it because Danny Pudi and David Tennant are in it. It’s obviously for children, so it’s not the deepest or most amazing thing in the world, but it’s cute and fun. It’s great to have in the background while I’m doing other stuff, because it’s difficult to get lost while paying even the slightest bit of attention.

The Joel McHale Show

This is one of Netflix’s poorer choices. It’s not great, I’ll be honest, but I love Joel McHale, and some of the guest stars are also people I really like. It fills a few hours while you’re doing other stuff, and it’ll give you a handful of laughs too.

The Martian

I know this is one everyone else loved like three years ago, but I only saw it when it was added to Netflix recently. I love a good space survival story, especially if it involves Sean Bean and Donald Glover. I find Matt Damon quite hit or miss, but he’s a definite hit in this. So many elements come together to make this a really great film, and I can see why people just wouldn’t stop talking about it when it came out. It’s a lengthy watch, but well worth it.

Netflix’s Eurovision thing

They’ve released a movie based around Eurovision, and since this years got cancelled, it’s the best we’’re getting. It’s not great, and Will Ferrell is annoying, but it has moments of genuine comedy, and definitely leaves you with that feel good element. The songs are also absolute bops, Graham Norton is in there with his snarky commentary, what more could you want?


This is another movie everyone else got onto ages ago, but I’ve only just watched it. This is a genuinely great horror movie, not the so bad it’s good types i usually watched. There were moments that made me jump, but not once did they do the typical dumb loud jump scare music. The actors were all truly fantastic, the plot was threaded together perfectly to let you figure most of it out yourself, and it’s very unsettling. Definitely one to watch if you’re a horror fan.

Being John Malkovich

Okay, I know everyone else saw this like, a decade ago, but I’m just catching up okay!? What a mind fuck of a movie. It’s absolute insanity, edited together as though it’s a movie. Don’t take that the wrong way though, it’s brilliant in a thousand ways, and though I watched it on tape, I think it may have also been added to Netflix, if you want to give it a watch.


Unfortunately I have no idea how you’d go about watching it, because I watched it on an old ass, possibly mouldy, definitely haunted VHS. It’s basically your typical ‘family breakdown and take shelter with creepy old people’, but then all the dolls the old man makes come to life, start murdering people, and it gets gruesome fast. It’s 90% blood, 10% vague plot, and I loved it.

Do you have any recommendations of things I should watch?



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