The Habits that Make me Happy!

I’ve spent a long time learning to cope with depression and anxiety, and I’ve learnt that a lot of managing the two comes down to my routine, and my habits. I spent ages thinking some self care once a week would eventually ‘cure’ me, but it takes little things everyday for to stay at a level of generally ‘okay’. Anyway, enough rambling! Here are the habits I’ve created to keep myself in a more positive mindset.

I wake up fairly early, but not too early.

I make sure I spend time every day around people or animals that make me happy.

I work when I have the energy to, and when I feel like it. Obviously not everyone has this option, but for me it’s necessary.

I stopped wearing makeup, and learnt to love myself without it.

I eat intuitively, leaving nothing out of bounds.

I make small, cheap purchases of things like tea and fruit, to treat myself in a nourishing way.

I listen to an array of music genres, so I can always find something to fit my mood, and music influences my days a lot.

I draw or paint nearly daily, increasing my skills, and using the time I’m focusing as a type of meditation.

I take my time cooking, enjoying to process that arrives with nourishing my body.

I’ve finally made a habit of reading again, I’ve always enjoyed losing myself in a good book, and reading increases my creativity, which in turn makes me happier.

I take time to practice yoga, which is great when I’ve been sitting at my desk for hours.

I’d love to hear what habits you’ve formed to help keep your mental health in a good place!



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