Kitten Three Month Update!

In some ways, a LOT has changed with the kittens since my last update, and in other ways, everything is still very much the same! I can’t believe how fast they’re getting older, so let’s get into this post before it’s time for the next one!

The biggest change has been Lucille, who is now Ringo. That’s right folks, our long haired kitten is long haired enough that we didn’t notice he’s actually very much a boy. I’m a bit disappointed, I love having ‘my girls’ and was sure he was a part of that group, but at the end of the day he’s the cutest baby and I adore him no matter what!

They’ve also grown massively! Now that they’re the age where they’d be leaving, if we weren’t keeping them, they like ‘real’ kitten size. They’ve easily doubled in size since my last update, and it wasn’t that long ago. Otis is still a lot smaller than Ringo, but we’re pretty sure it’s just that Ringo is massive, and Otis is pretty normal sized.

Their personalities are starting to really come out more now too. Otis is my little snuggle boy, if you’ve watched any of my insta stories you will have seen that he’s just beyond loving. Every morning after I feed them, he comes and rubs all around my face, and does the loudest purrs ever while he does it.

Ringo is a bit more independent, he loved sitting with Otis, and he’s a huge fan of playing, but he doesn’t really want to be cuddled and loved like Otis does. Every now and again though, when you catch him in the right mood, he loves a good belly rub, and will give you super loud purrs and wash your hand in return.

For the more serious stuff, they’re fully onto eating food now, which I think Bobble is pretty happy about! They love getting onto trouble, and now that they have full run of downstairs, they’re trying their best to find a way to get upstairs too.

We also bought a Feliway Friends plug in. Nothing had gotten too out of hand, but we were having a few more hisses happen than usual, and that’s totally calmed down again now. Allie and Jodie aren’t the biggest fans of the kittens, but they’ve all pretty much learnt to get on now, which is a huge relief!

That’s how the kittens are doing! I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep doing updates for them, I might just move onto general cat posts, since I don’t want to leave the others out!

What would you be most interested in?



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