Liverpool’s Lark Lane

With all the pandemic stuff going on, I’ve been mostly staying home, but you have to leave the house at some point! I’ve been avoiding the city centre, my go to place to get out, and that’s given me a chance to discover some real gems of Liverpool right in my door step. One of the coolest being Lark Lane.

I’ve heard about Lark Lane, but I had no idea where it was, and I definitely didn’t know it’s with in walking distance from my home! I took a walk up there with Rich on Sunday, expecting it to be quiet, and we were amazed that we haven’t been before!

It was quite busy for a Sunday, but everyone made an effort to social distance, and the shops were nearly all offering hand sanitiser and the like, some are even outside!

It’s filled with loads of quirky small businesses, selling anything you can imagine. With vintage stores, loads of vegan food places, plenty of plants for sale, and art and craft stores too, we felt like we had found the street of our dreams.

Woo Tan Scran is one of our favourite places to order from, and we had no idea it was so close! They do the most amazing, beautifully seasoned vegan food, I’d highly recommend them if you’re in the area!

We were spoilt for choice with cool things to look at, and we’ll definitely be making a come back to support some small businesses when we have a bit more money to do so. The whole street has a real community vibe, it’s really friendly, and very much how I imagine Brighton to be.

It also leads right to Sefton Park, so you can grab some delicious vegan food, especially since lots of places that don’t usually offer take out options are now, and go sit in the park for a bit of a picnic! Make sure you take your rubbish with you though!



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