A Quick Life Chat

It feels like both a lot has been going on lately, and absolutely nothing. Life is still weird I guess. I miss going into town to buy random crap, I miss seeing the few friends I have, and even with the stuff I’m still doing like going grocery shopping and going to work, I miss being able to feel safe while doing it.

I’ve been fairly busy with stuff for work, we’ve got our air bnb tour set up again, a people are coming into to play on the arcades and watch tapes. It’s great, both because we’re a small business making money from that again, and because it gave us a deadline to really get sorted.

I’m more grateful than ever to have a job that I genuinely enjoy, it’s really kept me from getting into a bad mental space again, and it’s great to feel productive and have something to keep me busy.

Along with that, I’m still writing for purplerevolver.com, and loving that. I get fantastic constructive criticism from my boss for that, which I really appreciate. I’ve always hated getting ‘constructive criticism’ on my writing, because it’s always just left me feeling crappy and confused, but my boss does it in such a way that I leave feeling like I have new skills to utilise in my writing, and am able to improve what I’ve been doing, and I love that feeling.

The kittens are also a real hand full right now. They’re getting into everything, they have hours where they just go wild around the house, they eat so much food, and I totally adore them. They make me laugh on the daily, they’re totally adorable, this whole period of time would definitely suck more without them.

I thought a little life chat like this would be nice, just to let y’all know what I’m up to! I’ve also gotten really into doing insta stories, so feel free to follow me there to see more of my daily life!



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