The Little Things

I may not be doing my usual things I’m grateful for anymore, you can read about why here, but I am still appreciative and thankful for numerous things in my life. I thought rather than doing that whole usual post, a nice thing to do in the interim would be a short list of the little things that bring me happiness, or that I appreciate! Let’s get into it before I ramble too much.

The kittens bring such simple and wholesome love into the house.

Reading comes and goes for me, but right now, curling up with a book is back high on my list of favourite things to do.

Having a big collection of tapes, and the ability to swap them out and bring more home from work, let’s me watch so many movies I wouldn’t see or even have heard about otherwise.

There are a handful of people now from my blog and Instagram that are incredibly lovely and supportive, they’re mostly strangers for now, but I can see friendships forming with them.

It’s a whole year since I went on holiday, which kind of sucks, but I’m still so happy I got the chance to experience a hot country for the first time, especially one as beautiful as Turkey.

The weather has been switching between lovely sun, and gloomy grey days, which are my two favourite types of weather.

I found the comfiest, coolest pyjamas I’ve ever owned in a charity shop, and they were only £2.50.



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