The Perks of Shopping Second Hand

I loooove buying second hand clothing, whether it’s from dedicated vintage stores, or a charity shop. You can find a bargain, find something unique, and the actual shopping experience is so much more fun than just looking through racks of near identical clothing. There are multiple perks to buying second hand for your wardrobe.

My favourite perk of buying second hand is how unique the items are. I’ve never shown up anywhere to find someone else wearing the same outfit as me for a start, and not only that, but is there any greater joy than digging through a bunch of musty old corduroy to find an amazing item no one else has?!

Only a slightly lesser perk, is how often you can find a bargain. Whether it’s a sale rack or multi item deal in a vintage store, or a charity shop with insanely low prices, it’s been years since I paid more than £10 for a single item of clothing, and as someone on a budget, I really appreciate that.

Most impactful is the fact that buying second hand means I’m not partaking in fast fashion. I’ve written a few articles over on purple revolver about fast fashion, most notably here and here, and I’m becoming increasingly passionate about promoting not only how great buying second hand is for budget and self expression, but how much better it can be for the environment too.

The type of items you find second hand and especially vintage is a huge perk too. I feel like for my body shape, style, and interests, clothes from the 80’s and 90’s are much more suited for me than the majority of items currently found in stores on the high street, though I have to admit some of them are luring me back with mom jeans becoming more popular. I have a few pairs of awesome vintage pants now, and they fit my waist like they were tailored for me. I’m yet to find that in any modern pants!

Some perks for me, might not be fun for everyone, so this last one is the actual shopping experience. It can be frustrating when you find some thing you love that doesn’t fit, since there’s rarely the same thing in a different size, but that’s half the fun of it. It’s so much more satisfying when you find the perfect second hand or vintage item, than simply grabbing items in your size as you go around primark.

I’d love to hear about your favourite second hand finds down in the comments! My favourite at the minute is a pair of super dark paisley pants I found in a 3 items for £20 deal!



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