Dressing Modestly

I feel like dressing modestly is something that’s spoken about a lot online at the minute, at lease it is in the circles I’m in, and I have a lot of thoughts about it. For one, it seems those on the side of modesty are often very judgemental of those who don’t, and there’s of course the good old ‘prude’ and ‘boring’ insults from the other side of things.

Personally, I mostly dress quite modestly. It’s not the most conscious choice in the world, a lot of the styles I like are quite baggy or old fashioned, but I do make the conscious choice of buttoning my shirts up enough to not show anything off, and I wear tights under most things that show my legs.

I’ve worked long and hard on my internalised misogyny though, add that to the fact that I just don’t care as much about other people’s choices now I’m older, I’m fully supportive of those who choose to show off their bodies, but I can’t imagine myself being one of them.

As a fashion lover, I like the clothes I wear to be what pulls people attention, not the body I’m using to wear them, but I know that for other styles, that’s not the case! I think dressing modestly in anyway, be it mildly or being extremely modest, you need to learn to be modest about yourself too.

Your choices are for you, others are for theirs, and how someone dresses isn’t something they should be judged for. More to the point, who are any of us to be judging someone else?!

The moral of this post, is dress however you want to, love yourself, and love other people for who they are and how they choose to dress themselves too. Fashion is the most obvious and easily changeable form of self expression, and people should feel full freedom in how they choose to dress, whether that’s a full scuba suit with just their eyes showing, or a see through bikini.



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