How I Avoid Burn Out

Anyone can get burnt out, and especially with my autism it’s one of those things I have to keep in mind now. I’ve lost out on so many opportunities, and had plenty of other disheartening let downs, because I can get burnt out so easily. Having now had and been enjoying my job for over a year and a half, I feel like I’ve almost nailed the art of avoiding a burn out!

Be Organised

Find the organisation method that’s best for you, personally I just do daily to do lists. I find that knowing what I need to do, and having it laid out clearly in front of me, takes away a lot of stress, and makes my life so much easier. Plus, I very rarely forget anything anymore!

Take Breaks

I schedule in at least one day a week, sometimes two, where its just my day, with no pressure to do anything. I might still write something, or do some chores or whatever, but only if I feel like doing it. More often, it’s a day of watching tapes and practicing some self care, and those days completely reset me to be able to get back to things!

Talk About It

Bottling things up is always a bad idea, and being able to have a rant to a friend about any stress or pressure Im feeling helps so much more than I’d ever have thought. Even just having a chat about what I need to get sorted helps me feel like I have it more together, and in turn, that makes me feel like I can do whatever I need to. If you don’t have anyone to do this with, feel free to message me on Instagram or twitter, I’m always happy to listen!

Acknowledge It.

Pushing through and hoping for things to go away just doesn’t work. Acknowledge how you feel, what’s making you feel that way, and how you can change it. For me, most of my stress comes from work at this point, so I might get some jobs done that I’ve been putting off, or get a plan done with my boss so I know what we’re going to be doing. Ignoring the early signs of burn out is only going to allow it to fully develop, you’re best off shutting it down right at the start!



4 thoughts on “How I Avoid Burn Out

  1. Some great tips here Dana. I get neurological and physical burnout if I don’t plan, monitor myself and have long breaks (wish I’d read things like your post years ago, as it took me until my thirties to figure out). When I have brain fog or get overwhelmed I suck at it though. This is where I find sharing with someone is invaluable because they might be able to recognise it before I do!

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