Analogue Wonderland Review!

I’ve been looking for a new hobby recently, and ended up buying a camera again. Of course being me, it had to be one from the 90’s, and that in turn means that I had to buy some film. Luckily, my pal Stu is an amazing photographer and recommended Analogue Wonderland to me!

I got two rolls, one in colour and one in black and white, since I don’t really know what I’m going to enjoy using most yet. The Kodak Gold was £6, and the other was £5, so it’s definitely not as pricey as I expected it to be. My order, including postage, came to just over £14, and I’m pretty happy with that.

Outside of the whole price thing, it arrived a day early than it was supposed to, which is especially impressive at the minute. It’s also fantastic packaging, you can really tell that time and thought has gone into making it not only really aesthetically pleasing, but also making sure your film is safe.

All in all, I’m really glad I listened to Stu and ordered from Analogue Wonderland, and I’m pretty certain that I’ll be ordering plenty from them in future! If you’re looking for film, this is the place to go for it!



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