Handling The Bad Days

I have good weeks and bad weeks, and I’m pretty bang in the middle of some really bad weeks. Ive found ways to handle it though, so I can continue living my life and trying my best, and I thought it might be helpful to some people to share how I deal with it.

Talk about it

I’m of the generation that shares depression memes on insta stories and then messages a friend, but however you go about it, just letting someone know you’re struggling can be a huge relief. Talking about it further to figure out what you feel and why is even more useful, but talking about mental health in anyway can be a challenging thing, so just do what you can.

Be kind

Being kind to yourself when you feel crappy is important, because otherwise you’ll just end up making yourself feel worse. Let yourself off for the stuff you can’t manage, get yourself a treat, be nice to you!

Be kind to others too though. When you’re not feeling good or not feeling like yourself, it’s easy to totally blank on how we’re treating those around us. If I’m not feeling good, I pay extra attention to how I’m treating people, because I know I can just be rude and brash without meaning to be.

Make It Better

Theres no magic cure to make you instantly feel better, but finding small things that you can buy or do to feel even a tiny bit better is worth it. Personally when I feel crappy like today, I like to get some cheap ginger beer from tesco, to drink while I read books I loved as a teen. I’m not instantly happy, but it helps me feel a bit better, without spending a fortune on silly things.

Find what you can do to feel a bit better. Treat yourself to your favourite drink or food, watch videos or movies you used to really love, nostalgia can be great for making you feel better, when used in the right way! It can take some trial or error, but it feels better to have even a tiny bit of control over my state of being.

I’m gonna leave it there, since I am myself having a terrible day, but this is how I’m gon a deal with it!



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