Places I Want to Visit!

I don’t intend on travelling anywhere for a fair while with everything going on, and I definitely don’t have the money to be jetting off anywhere anyway, but it’s fun to dream! These are all places I hope to visit at some point, in no particular order!


8 went to Turkey last year, it was my first time in a hot country, and I just loved everything about it. I definitely want to go back and see more of the country, especially the historical sites they have! I can’t deny being a big fan of beaches too.


I feel like, as a 20 odd year old that loves rock music and 90’s movies, this one is somewhat self explanatory. It’s not all about sex drugs and rock n roll though, I’d love to experience the culture and art of the city, and I’ve also wanted to pay a visit to the Anne Frank museum ever since I read her diary as a kid. I’m sure it’d be an odd combination of things I’d do there, but it’s definitely high on my to visit list.


This is by far the one most likely to happen first since its a UK city, but I oddly enough haven’t been yet! I’ve had so many people tell me I’d love it, and my boss keeps encouraging me to take a break away somewhere. I’m thinking next spring might be the time to go.


One of my major obsessions as a kid was ancient Egypt, and it never fully left me. I’d love to visit the pyramids, and I’ve wanted to visit the museums Cairo has for years. This is probably one of the ones that’ll take longest for me to actually do, but I’m 100% going to get there eventually.

New Zealand

We all know by now, I’m a massive Lord of the rings nerd. I need to visit Hobbiton at least once in my life, and there are plenty of other Peter Jackson filming locations over there I want to visit. From Heavenly Creatures to Bad Taste, I want to visit any Jackson related place I can, and New Zealand is definitely the place for it.

I’d love to hear about destinations you’d like to travel to in the comments!



One thought on “Places I Want to Visit!

  1. I was lucky enough to visit NZ when my brother got married. It’s stunning. We were on the north island and the countryside was just like I imagined The Shire in places. We headed to Mount Doom but it was a miserable day and covered in cloud so I bought a post card and told myself it still counts! The Grand Canyon is high on my bucket list! 🌋🗺


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