My New Favourite Jeans

I’m a big fan of slightly weird or out there fashion, and I also do my best to shop sustainably where possible. This means that a veeery high percentage of the clothing I buy is second hand or vintage. I usually literally only buy underwear new, but I’ve diverged from that path a little recently, and managed to find my new favourite jeans!

They may be new, but they are sustainable! They’re made by Tencel, and they’re made with fibres that are from a renewable source, and they’re biodegrable and compostable!

Best yet, I got them for £7 on sale in Asda. One of the big things that prevents me from buying brand new sustainable clothing, is the price tag that usually comes with it.

I understand why they’re expensive items, their production costs more money, the people making the item are being properly paid, it’ll last longer etc, but that doesn’t make me any more able to afford it!

All that stuff wouldn’t matter if they were bad jeans though, so I’m glad to report that they’re fantastic! They stretch in all the right places, without becoming too baggy anywhere, they’re beyond comfy, I love the style and wash of them, and the pockets are an actual decent size.

I can very honestly say these are my favourite jeans, and now you know all the reasons why!



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