F. O. X. E. S By M.A Bennett Review!

It’s no secret that one of the biggest perks of being a blogger, for me, is being sent books for free, just to read and review! As always, although I was sent this for the purpose of reviewing it, this review is completely honest and my own opinion!

This is the third book in the S. T. A. G. S series, which I didn’t realise when I agreed to review it (sorry!), so I had to do a quick Google to find out what happened in the two previous installments. This obviously affects how I related to the characters and plot, but I definitely enjoyed this book enough that I’m likely to give the first two a read, and will almost definitely read the two final books of the series, which are on their way!

I love a good mystery, and the twists and turns in this book pulled me in right off the bat. Following Greer, Nel, and Shafeen as they dig into the secrets that The Dark Order of the Grand Stag are hiding, many questions are both resolved and bought up, strengthening the series for those who have been reading from the start, and creating a deep intrigue for new readers like myself.

The writing style also really helps pull you into the story, many of the chapters are quite short, so it’s easy to sit down for a quick read, and end up sat in the dark wondering when it even got dark.

Overall, it’s difficult for me to reccomend this book specifically, since it’s the third in the series, but I would absolutely reccomend the series. Its got great characters, fantastic plot, approaches some quite difficult topics such as class, elitism and grief, and it’s definitely the next series I’m going to commit some reading time to!



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