Tips for Tiny Bloggers

We’re living in a time where you can get 20000 views a month and still be considered a ‘small’ blogger, so I’m guessing from my stats, I must be a tiny blogger, and I know a fair few of you that follow me also have small blogs like mine, so here’s some tips for what to do, how to keep going, and all that stuff!

Blog for Yourself

Blogging can be a real long slog. This blog is coming up on five years old, and it’s only the last year or two that I’ve actually had at least one view a day, or gotten more than one or two likes on a post. A lot of it is just shouting into the void and being surprised when someone shouts back.

If you’re not blogging because you enjoy it, you’re not going to get anywhere. It takes time, passion, consistency, and a lot of trial and error. A lot of the time, it’s a lot of work for very little external pay off, so the pay off really needs to be your own pride and happiness with what you’ve created.

Appreciate what you have

I don’t have many followers, I don’t get many views, I sure as heck don’t get many sponsorships or brand deals, and that’s fine. The small number of followers I do have are consistently brilliant, kind and supportive, I’d rather have 5 of them than 5000 ‘fans’ that don’t really care. The brands I’ve worked with may not be house hold names, but I enjoyed working with them!

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and statistics, but it’s much more important to think about what’s behind that. My 200 odd followers might be tiny in the grand scheme of things, but that’s a full 200 odd people, who care enough to read what I write and like my posts and leave nice comments. That’s awesome!

Forget Comparisons

Whether you compare yourself to top bloggers, or others in your circle, just don’t. You’re not them, your blog isn’t theirs! People follow bloggers for that individual, you’ll do much better being yourself and showing off the ways in which you’re unique. If I wanted to read x blogger, I’d read their blog, you need to be yourself!

That goes for comparing numbers too. You’re getting numbers on your blog, they’re getting them on theirs, and that’s a-okay. I know what it’s like to get three views a week and see a blogger you chat to getting thousands, but that’s still three people reading your blog! Focus on yourself and your content, the rest will follow.

Promote Yourself

Finally, if you’re a tiny blogger, you need to promote yourself. I’ve known so many people with really small blogs that don’t promote it at all, not even to their friends or family, and then wonder why no one is reading their blog. It can be a bit daunting, I know, but I’ve learnt in putting myself ‘out there’ a bit more really pays off. Most of the time, people are really kind and supportive, so just get to it!

If you have a blog of any size, I’d love to hear about it and get a link to it in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Tips for Tiny Bloggers

  1. I love blogging and picked up it again when the world went into chaos / lockdown earlier this year – I was wary that once I went back to work full time I’d lose touch with writing which I enjoyed so much. This led me to making an instagram account for my blog which I can quickly engage with daily and I love it, it’s helped me meet some great supportive people 😀

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  2. Loved this! I’m learning more and more how important it is to blog for yourself. Also learning to not compare to others… despite it being difficult at times when first starting out.


  3. You are so right! I always remind myself that my followers are actually real people who take the time to read, like and comment on what I’ve created and what I’ve been up to. I can’t seem to get my very engaged Instagram followers to hop over to my blog and have a read, even though I promote it there!? I’m glad you have lovely followers too. 🖤✨

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  4. These are great tips!! Love what you said that it’s important to have a loyal small following instead of a big following but people who don’t care lol Quality over quantity and all that


  5. 20000 views is considered small then I must be an atom sized blogger as I have only just managed to get a streak of one view a day on my site the past month after 2 years of having it on the go. Thank you for the tips, I do all these tips but still don’t seem to grow and it starts to bring me down as I blog and write as I love it and I love the feeling I get when people tell me they’ve read it even if they hated it but the lack of numbers and all get very upsetting and mentally draining. I want to blog and freelance write as a career and it’s not been frowning even slightly. Any help you could give me after easing my site? I’m making a new one that’s getting released soon to go along with it, will be all travel based


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