Kitten 4 Month Update!

I know I sound like every annoying mother ever, but I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten. Otis is what I’d call a normal kitten size, though it’s still hard to believe he’s this big after how small and ill he was. Ringo though, Ringo is huge. He’s already almost the size of his mother, and he’s only getting bigger.

Their personalities are the things that are really on display now. Every day they’re becoming more and more themselves. I won’t lie, it gets annoyig having two kittens constantly running around and shoving into your face for attention and stealing any of your belongings they can, but the looks on their little faces makes it so okay.

Otis is by far the most outgoing and curious now, he wants to know what everything is all the time, and he doesn’t care what trouble he gets into while he’s at it. Ringo is more likely to hang back and assess if he cares enough to bother moving from his sleeping position.

Otis is also by far most affectionate with me. He’s sat on me fast asleep while I write this, while Ringo is across the room sleeping on his own couch. Ringo likes a bit of love every so often, very much on his terms. Otis loves to cuddle and snuggle and is basically my best friend in the house.

Soon they’ll be getting neutered and everything, so I feel a bit like this is my last chunk of time with them as proper kittens before they become teenagers or something. I’m just really enjoying them at this time where I don’t have to be as aware of what they’re doing as I did, but they still need to be looked after.

I know these posts are mostly for me over anyone reading, but I hope you at least enjoyed the cute kitten pics!



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