Comics Youth Stay Safe Club

A few months ago I was doing some late night Internet browsing when I found Comics Youth, a creative community organisation by and for young people in Liverpool. I was super into it right from the start, and when I saw the Stay Safe Club, a little care package to help us get through these tough times, I had to get in on it.

It’s such a cute, uplifting little package, and I still can’t believe it was free. As you can see from the picture above, it was absolutely FULL of goodies, so let’s get into it!

First up I pulled out these three lovely postcards. I love a good postcard, and I can’t wait to send these out to cheer up some friends. Along with them there’s a bookmark, with numbers to call on the back for various hotlines, which is a thoughtful way to make sure people will have them handy if they need them. I can’t not mention the adorable stay safe club patch too, it’s going to look great on my bag!

The box had these stickers in too, which are just really cute and chill, they definitely help me feel more calm. Plus they inuded a really nice pen, a stay safe club pencil, and a small pack of good quality coloured pencils, which is perfect to go with what I pulled out next!

Comics youth included a lovely guided journal, which helps keep track of your day to day as well as weekly goals, how much water you’re drinking, and some other bits for any 3 months. The stay safe club adventure sketchbook is almost like a guided sketchbook, giving you prompts and guides that really help keep your mind in a good place. My favourite of all, they also included a zine!

I love a good zine, and this one is great. Its got beautiful paper quality, genuinely interesting content, and a brilliant amount of fantastic art. It’s a fantastic read, and includes plenty to stay entertained while not getting out so often.

Finally, there was also a stay safe club t-shirt, with the full size logo on the back. It’s cute, it’s nice quality, and I’m really impressed with the whole box! It’s such a lovely thing to receive, and it’s so kind and thoughtful of them to do it for free.

If you want to check out Comics Youth you can go here, i definitely intend to have more involvement with them!



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