Designing my Dream Home

Don’t get too excited, I haven’t just bought my dream house, and I’m not about to do over my current home. Being in the house so much through lockdown, I think we all started dreaming about what our dream environment would be. Here’s a few pieces from around the Internet that I would definitely include in my dream home.

Starting at the bases, I’d loooove to have this parquet wood flooring from Flooring 365. I love this type of flooring, I think it has a really timeless and elegant look, and as far as I know it’s pretty sturdy too. I think my dream home would still be a bit cluttered and mad, so having a floor that says ‘I’m put together and know what I’m here for’ would help tie it all together.

The floors would definitely be the most subtle part of my dream home! This design from Wall Paper From the 70’s is just the right blend of really weird while still being nice to look at, and I’d want plenty of statement walls. I like to think id manage to pull everything together with a colour scheme or something, but I’m not too confident!

Maybe the floors wouldn’t be all that quiet after all, because I adore this rug. It’s so quirky and unexpected, id love to be able to own stuff like this and see it everyday! A lot of the things from Made in Design are very much my style, but this is by far my favourite!

I feel like all too often, beds just take up a lot of space, and provide nothing but somewhere to sleep. That’s obviously fine, it’s what a bed is for, but I love that this bed from CuckooLand has so much storage. There’s so many ways to personalise it with how you decorate, and I feel like it’s quite a fun, futuristic design.

Finally, the bathroom is an important place yall, and I have always wanted a claw foot bath. I mean, I still do want one, and I so wish I had this one from Victorian Plumbing. I love the shape of it, the colour, I even love the idea of having art in the bathroom like how they’ve styled it for the picture. It’s just gorgeous.

I highly doubt I’ll ever get to own any of these things, but I think they give off a good vibe of how my dream home would look! Id love to hear what your dream home would look like in the comments!



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