Vegan Cream?!

I was never much of a cream person while I ate dairy, but like with most things, as soon as I ‘couldnt’ have it, I wanted it. Whether it’s for a creamy pasta sauce, or to drizzle over apple crumble, cream is amazing sometimes.

Enter Elmlea plant based cream! Although I’ve been perfectly content with the one from Alpro, I bought this the second I saw it, and I’m so impressed! Plus, at just 89p a tub, it definitely disproves the ‘veganism is so expemsive’ malarkey.

My first stop was a creamy carbanara with some faux chicken and bacon pieces, and not to hype my own cooking, but it was incredible. Me and Rich both agreed it tasted exactly how it did before we went vegan, and it was just as creamy!

It’s definitely a bit heavy and fatty to have everyday, so my next intentions for this cream are a good Danish rice pudding, and seeing if I’m able to whip some to put on top of hot chocolate!

If you’ve been hoping for a vegan cream, your dreams have been answered!



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