Recent Thrifted Favourites!

I’ve been very carefully visiting a few of my favourite charity shops again, fully masked up and hand sanitised of course, and I’ve found some real gems! Lets not hang about chatting, heres my favourite pieces I’ve thrifted lately!

First up has to be this blue blazer! It’s a little big for me, but I’ll just pretend it’s intentional, and for just £3.50 I’m able to live out at least part of my dream of being Veronica Sawyer. I may not get to make out with Christian Slater, but at least I can pretend to be Winona Ryder.

I think anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt do not need any more mugs. So I bought these two! They were only 50p each, and come on, if anyone needs an X Files mug and Lord of the Rings mug, it’s the girl that has tattoos paying homage to both.

I may work in a video shop, but it’s actually pretty rare that we get any cassette tapes in, so I was over the moon to grab these guys for 25p each! Plus, they go so well with my next find…

Okay, these aren’t exactly thrifted. My boss and I went to a house that was being cleared out to pick up a load of VHS tapes, and these wall mountable cassette holders were just sat in the corner. I very nicely asked if I could nab them, and the lovely guy let me! I can’t wait to get them up, and I know it’s a bit odd, but I’ve recently started to quite enjoy classical music, so I’ll probay listen to some of these tapes too!

Okay, this last one might be a bit of an excuse to show off my cats, but I got this pretty big cat tree for a tenner from Facebook Market place! It was such a bargain, and all the cats absolutely adore it, so it was more than worth it!

What do you keep an eye out for while thrifting?



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