Movies I’ve Fallen For

Working in a video shop, I bring home a lot of tapes, and in turn, I watch a lot of movies. I think I watch a pretty equal mixture of good, bad, and so-bad-they’re-good movies, and I wanted to share the ones that I’ve totally fallen in love with and absolutely adore.

Let’s start with the good, which is Leon. I expected this to be boring, and maybe a bit creepy considering it’s a full grown man with a very young Natalie Portman, but for a movie about a hit man, and a girls entire family being murdered, its actually kinda wholesome. Not totally, but in its way. Most importantly, it has a fantastic plot, unbelievable performances all around, though especially from Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman, and its just fantastic.

Next up, Michael is definitely the so bad it’s good type. We follow arch angel Michael, played by John Travolta when he was still hot, as he goes about on his last trip to earth, and its just totally bizarre. Its barely cohesive, its strange in every way, and not a moment of it goes in the direction you expect, which is why id give it 10 out of 10 and absolutely adored it.

Back to the good for a minute, I have to talk about True Romance. My boss recommended it to me for at least six months before I watched it, and I wish I’d watched it sooner. I went into it with no idea what it was about, and I think that really gave it an added charm for me, so I’m not going to explain the plot but believe me, it’s brilliant. Christian Slater is always fantastic as a leading man, Gary Oldman is in this one too because I love the guy, and it’s definitely a must watch movie in my opinion. Plus, there’s Elvis!

Finally, I’ll admit I’ve been a fan of Bill and Ted for years now, but I only recently got good copies of both movies (VHS struggles huh), and my love for it has been completely reignited. Its stupid enough that it’s clever, it’s got top notch stoner vibes, it’s another one thats actually pretty bizarre, and we’re so close to getting another sequel! It may not be a new love, but I’ve fallen for Bill and Ted all over again.



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