I’ve been… Busy?

I’ve always been someone that’s practically never busy. Having too much on just makes me anxious, so I’ve always managed to avoid it, but lately, that just hasn’t been possible.

For anyone that doesn’t know, I work in a video shop, Videodyssey, but alongside that is Videodyssey studios, a TV studio. This week, we’ve been booked solid. This is my second week of not having a day off, and though I’ve some how found a job where I don’t even mind that because I love my job so much, its definitely tiring.

Add to that trying to keep up with blogging, writing for purplerevolver.com, spending time with Rich, and tidying up after the kittens, I’m definitely what you might call busy.

It’s bought my anxiety forward in a lot of ways, and I’ve got added responsibilities like opening and locking up the building that make me beyond anxious. I’m really lucky that my boss is fantastic.

I’ve never been given any real responsibilities, or really been trusted with an awful lot, so I’m really grateful that he’s taken the risk of getting to know me, and he’s so supportive and puts a lot of faith in me.

It’s scary, and makes me yet more anxious, but I’m really proud of myself for moving through it all and getting what I need to do done. I guess this is just a mixture of a rant and a life update, but that’s how I feel and what I have going on!

How are you? What have you been up to? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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